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Synthia CD cover
1. Alien's Triumph free download
2. The Secret Plan Of The Norwegians download
3. Sheepfarm Attila Kovacs - Synthia - Sheepfarm
4. Telemark Attila Kovacs - Synthia - Telemark
5. Fefor's Blue Mountains download
6. The Black Hole Attila Kovacs - Synthia - The Black Hole
7. Disco Night In Bergen download
8. Reggae For Fun download
9. Funky Duck Attila Kovacs - Synthia - Funky Duck
10. Robot Robi's Dance Attila Kovacs - Synthia - Robot Robi's Dance
11. Gliders download
12. Flight From Cyberspace download
Synthia was recorded in 1986 with a Roland Jupiter-4 synthesizer and a TR-808 rhythm machine.

The album can be characterized as techno, electronic dance and sience-fiction with a hint of house and hip-hop.

Hear the good old analog sounds.

     N E W S !
Top 10 chart position of "Alien's Triumph" and "The Secret Plan Of The Norwegians"

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