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Attila Kovacs comes along once in a lifetime. This Danish genius writes a song that is so good, that we lose our minds. We don't know why this happens once in a while, but we suspect it is plainly because the music is so esoterically & pro-attractively creative, as to be lost & found in the post modern atmosphere of the 21st century

"UFO Lady" is so hopefully intrinsic & heart felt like nothing since; The song we heard way back in the 70's or 80's that was so fantastically great is like this song. Via horns to composition ; Synthesis to vocal arrangement; Compositional lyrical zeal & subtle ultra melodic underpinnings that are faultlessly & unendingly brilliant.This is Attila Kovacs. So far beyond genre style let alone history, that it's a vague notion it affects his musical roots; Though he may differ, when he allows us to interview him.

This Danish sleeping giant is a mainstream hero of the independent European, Asian & American underground, who intrinsically through his music transmigrates to every sonic plateau that one could audio-rainbow-sonically imagine; All men, woman & beings of the universe.

In post orgasmic meltdown, Attila reached the shores of the pure land of pop. There one finds an amazing breathtaking majesty, nuance & all too subtle coersion in his muse. His purely beatific talent & manifestation of art via modern pop music is Attila Kovacs in his everyday muse in the three dimensional temporal world. Unbelievable, but true.

The fact that as abstract artist prone to independence within the framework of commerce; Attila Kovacs has all of the humility & unspoken valor that populate a man of complex emotional, exotic & imaginative senses. In song, life , love, philosophy & presence of soul, Attila simply stuns.

Attila Kovacs music, is so purely joyful from the perspective of the soul that lasts forever; Its innate bliss & ecstasy is imbibed through the artistry & talent of Attila. We just listened to the sample of "UFO" a million times; Essentially we are musically satisfied until we find another fascinating tune from Attila Kovacs "UFO Lady" is the beginning of a long line of past & future spotlights, highlights ; Leading to a visionary, altruistic, plethora of dynamics & musical passion, that is eternally-Kovacs.

We are on board of a musical sonic Nirvana. From dimensional planets & systems of infinity; Surely perpetuated by such stone God-good artists as Attila Kovacs, let us journey onward. Attila Kovacs based upon "UFO" alone; Decidedly delightful & promising in work of art. Wimsical & deep at the same time, as life is on this world. Attila's work is a charming fanciful feat of panoramic subtle craftsmanship & adoration. An absolute gem of a pop tune. We are basically speechless.

A review from United Global Artist, USA

Just dropping in to say HI! I discovered your musical universe thanks to n1m. I'm absolutely crazy for your song Kiss and Hug, but actually they all rock, just want you to know that your songs have inspired me allot!!!
Thank you for just being you. Keep up the good work.

F A N - mail

Hey Attila! I loved each one of your songs but the one song that really hit me was the first song on your list I had one of those feelings that this one would be perfect in video. I do hope to see you when in Germany sometime time soon and you can bet I'll be the first in line for tickets. F A N


"Hello! I checked out ur music and I really think u r very talented. I am a fair way away from u , Perth Australia to be exact, but I can tell that we will be hearing from u soon if u keep up with great songs like I heard. Keep up the good work, u r awesome! Mike. F A N

Hey. Wow! Your songs are delicious. After listening to each a couple of times, I think I'm gonna bookmark the site so I can listen to the songs again. I really enjoyed it. P.S. lemme know when your CD will be available!

An exciting original work!!! F A N

Your songs are really good! It rocks! And you've got now a fan more! I hope to hear something about you as soon as possible. You have very good chances to get a very high position in the charts, and I hope that you get it. Have you got a CD?? Please mail back, your new fan Ms Wild Thing

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