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"Minuet" on USA radio stations' top 40 charts!

Many of Attila's musical influences are apparent on his CD. His classical
education is demonstrated in Hungarian Dawn while his folk side can
be heard in "Take a trip to Spain" and "Minuet". That is af course a gross
over-simplification since virtually every piece has elements of all Attila's

"Minuet" and "Flamingo" are both country dance in style but played with
string orchestra to the fore. The catchy "Take a Trip to Spain" is led by
a Latin-tinged rhythm and a Spanish guitar that at times could have been
played by Hank Marvin.

"Colours of Spring" has an old-fashioned melody but is "backed" by a
modern combo, the sort of thing you hear TV producers do to the classics
for their themes, and "Cornfields" is just plain evocative - heads of wheat
waving in the midday sun - and is contemporary in tone and direction.

On the other hand, "Hungarian Dawn" is classical in form and texture
- the Möbius strip string motif swirling away before the theme is adapted
by solo piano, and Piano no. 1 is conventioneal piano concerto. Attila
Kovacs has a lot to offer those who want an assimilation of several musical
genres, and while some of it could do with a bit more punch, it is, by turns,
pretty and evocative music.

M.H. Seen & Heard , Keyboard Magazine


Dear! Mr.Attila.

From Japan.I resieved your CD(Hungarian Dawn) yesterday. And as soon
as I listened. Your music is very fantstick! I was mooved your music! I love
your music.

To tell the truth I `m making music now. Hanging their! Sorry for my poor
English.Because I`m Japanease, I`m looking fowerd your next album!

Good bye! 1999 5/27 Tatsuru Muraoka from Japan.


A beautifully structured neo-classical album. This superbly crafted work
is both elegant and orderly whilst retaining exciting and stimulating elements.

Steve Maggs Audio Art, Inglesbatch, Brimpton, Readin RG7 4ST


The first composition on the CD, "Hungarian Dawn", is an exquisite example
of fragmentation, (the breaking of a theme into segments for purposes of
development or structure. Eighteenth and nineteenth century composers used
fragmentation heavily for their sonata-allegro forms).

Like Bach's, "Fugue in C Minor" from The Well-Tempered Clavier or even
the sequential use of fragmentation as evidenced in Beethoven's, "First Movement,
Symphony No. 3", Attila's episodes of transitional sections are remarkably
brilliant in form and execution.

Stunningly pristine and eloquent. "Minuet" a thematic, contemporary piece.
"Colors Of Spring" In keeping with the Baroque composers of the 1600's
and early 1700's, Attila's use of serene modualtion is gradually and tastefully,
implemented. "Piano #1" the introductory forte of this masterful composition
lends to it's majestic presence. Artistic embellishments write this strong
elemental music.

"Take A Trip To Spain" with the use of suspended harmonic chords and
the gentle touches of flute, this presentation takes on the modern expression
of new age masters such as Yanni and Kitaro. "XXX Century" a divine
pizzicato application on the string section gives this endeavor unlimited mobility.

"Cornfields" an arrangement that dances around polytonality without touching
the boundary line. The thought of using retrograde motion for this arrangement
would be an intriguing notion. "Flamingo", the overall landscape made for an
enchanting experience. Almost whimsical. "When I Was A Young Boy"
exquisite application of passing tones.

"Indian Summer" reminiscent of the American pop hit, "Always On My Mind",
this cut is more on the sedate side of Muzak but with more creative complexities.
"The Last Farewell" the descending harmonic ornamentation of the string section
against the ascending melody line of the flute is a classical delight. Quite a welcome
departure from the ordinary.

IN SUMMARY: Attila Kovacs has proven that he is an extraordinary , new age,
classical composer with vision and uncompromised ethic. Although a few of
these songs may be experimental in terms of effectiveness, Attila does lavishly
extol the musical virtue of the masters like Bach and Beethoven. There is a
nourished antiquity and, in stark contrast, a revitalized modernization to Attila's
music. The only difference between Yanni and Attila, is global exposure to this
dynamic entity.

The Review Dept. Independent Songwriter Web-Magazine P.O. Box 112 Camden, NY 13316-1004


" Dear Attila, we acknowledge receipt of your CD, Hungarian Dawn. The review
panel and I agree the CD is very commrcial, marketable and air worthy"

Allan Newton, President ,Power Play Promotions, PO BOX 2198 Whitney, TX 76692


"I received your CD & got a chance to listen. My initial reaction is that the
work is quite good and we may be able to help you. Personnally, I think
you have a great product !!!!"

Bill Shefte, President, Gold Leaf Productions, Inc. Charlotte, N.C. 28220 2042, Ph/Fax: 704/339-0775


I just wanted to drop you an email to tell you that I received the CDs safe
and sound!! The depth is beautiful. It should make a great impression to the
new distributors. Just a side note here for you. I can't let my mom know
that thereis more Attila songs available on CD until I can place a full order
from you!!

She is such a fan of your song from the compilation!! She had been on a
trip for several days to Kentucky to see her brother and when she got home,
she immediately ran in and put on your song on the CD!! She said she had
been humming it the whole trip - she had even hummed it to her brother!!
Take care, my friend!! Thanks, Nancy

Nancy Chandler-Pittman, Crystal Heart Records,Phone: 205-353-2582


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