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"We Can Be Forver Young" Finished in 3rd place in the battle of ZBANDS!     new !

Composer Attila Kovacs has released his 5th CD titled "Hong Kong".

After reviewing some of the tracks on this latest composition, we can safely say that once again Atilla has outdone himself by showing us he can cover virtually any type of music on cue.

With a modest, but not overbearing touch of the orient on his latest masterpiece, we were very impressed with it's style. With this latest, he brings forth yet another side of his soul never revealed before, and puts it in to a melodic trance we can all appreciate.

On this latest CD he also introduces us to a new talent. Her name is Chanett Koldsø, and she has one of those voices you can easily get used to listening to. We hope that maybe in the future the 2 of them can pair up and pssibly record some duets together.

We are sure with Attila's ability to cover many octave ranges, and Chanett with her soft sensual voice, can open yet another chapter in this fine composer's book. Well done Attila, Keep up the good work.

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I've listened to the "Hungarian Girl" tune a few's what I think:

First of all great recording/production really polished. Lyrics: I'm presuming English is your second language so well done there. Extremely eloquent even if it's your first language. I think the words are fine. They are very simple and direct. It tells the story in great detail. I'm presuming the story's true 'cos of all the detail and references.

My only problem are the words "Hungarian Girl". Maybe it's just because you have to really rush those four syllables in to that short space of time. I know it's the title of the song and all but it doesn't really work for me.

Emotions: Sincere and direct

Groove: I can't say I've got records quite like this in my collection but I do love when the song goes into that polka section, seems likes it ends and then rises up with some tastey strings.

Vocals: You've a good voice so no porblem there. However I thought you were trying to do too much with those high notes in the chorus. You reach them easy enough (makes me jealous) but I don't know if the song needs them.

Melody: Very happy and bouncey. Had a lot of changes which keeps it interesting. You had more diversity in the music and melody than most people put in 3 songs(certainly me anyway). My favourite was the chord change going into "...the rhythm of..."

You're out of my league Mr. Europop! Take care!

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We Can Be Forever Young! This is everything that a song needs to be. I t brought me back to a time when I felt secure and happy. The melody was so original and memorable I almost fell off my chair, The verse is so singable, not to mention the segue to the best chorus on numberonemusic. The production was flawless till the end. The mix had the right amount of everything so i didnt have to look for it. I honestly think this is a monster smash by a great original artist. Hunt this down now!

Interesting story and lyrics on top of a great production with horns and a mello guitar. Really enjoy the harmony! Great song!

UFO ^^^^^ lady Rhythmic and singable hip hoppy with harmonies and horns...Strange lyrics and story that is humorous and yet could be??!!??....the sublte bass keeps this one going and the ad lib bridge vocal is hot ...veryyyy Nteresting and unique in approach...-

Odd Odd track but loveable at the same time. Humourous. Nice vocals and melody. Good job.

Great Pop Very good vox and nice keys. Good lyrics and melody. Nice

lounge it up I dunno if i'd consider this emo or Indie, but your voice is good, and the sax is a good add. I think the style is a little outdated but i guess if it ain't broken, don't fix it.

e. Disquising your message in this dance music with the nice vocals was a nice try but we have seen through your ways. The green car maybe visiting you soon.

by Newbies 4/25/2005 fine good played and the vocals....wonderful....great job Production: 10 Originality: 10 Structure: 10 Talent: 10 View all 1 Reviews

Sounds very nice, has a earth wind and fire feel. Superb harmony, nice terrific music. This is a great composition.

Holi really like this Like the sound, hey real nice harmonizing there. Nice use of the horns. Good beat, vocals are very nice. ...but I swore I heard this on a Toto album. :) In all honesty, I'm not a big fan of the style or genre, but the production and performance are very nice.

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