Attila Kovacs, musician-songwriter

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Great songs! Awesome production, great arrangements! I can't write 50 words about this, because it's easier to condem then praise. I have a feeling your music will go far very soon if thie music gets in the right hands. F A N


"We can Be Forever youngo/oo has excellent dynamics and inventive production style. Its good to hear something on NumberOnemusic that actually changes direction and has been thought about during writing. Excellent stuff. F A N

Superb! The vocals are HOT! The lyrics are HOT! The production is HOT! The performance is blazing. Very open and spacious arrangement and mix...Performance is strong and tighter than a lot of what I hear on the radio as it sits right now. I love your tunes, and it's going on my n1m favorites.

An exciting original work!!! F A N

Wow, I seriously have nothing to say but great things about your songs. Like if i heard this on the radio or Mtv, it wouldnt seem out of place. Vocals are excellent, songs are awesome, theres a sense of maturity here rarely seen in music these days. I wish u the best of luck and to be completely honest would be surprised if u didnt recieve major label attention. F A N

These are the greatest songs Ive heard on number1music so far and I am amazed Im not hearing this on the radio yet. good job keep it up...Were can I get a CD??

Hi Attila, I am so excited thank you so much, Your music is so wonderful and will make a great edition to our station. As you do more New Age type music in the future please let us know. F A N

you are simply the best i have ever heard in my life, and the best singer in history of the human kind, its simply awesome!!! F A N


I like your stuff a lot. Your songs are radio ready! Anybody who knows real music can hear it! Dynamics are superb! The production is first-rate. You should get a deal. One of my favorites so far on numberonemusic site. Good enough to make me jealous.

I feel privaledged to be able to review your tunes!

very well produced and mixed!! there`s nothing i would change, ok one thing -> i want you hear in the radio not here!!!!! Having said that, you are ready for the big time, mortgage the house, get yourselves a lawyer and an agent for the contract..and I'll be hearing you on the radio soon.

PS - In case you cared, these are the best songs I've ever heard at NumberOneMusic!


I checked out ur music and I really think u r very talented. I am a fair way away from u, Knoxville USA to be exact, but I can tell that we will be hearing from u soon if u keep up with great songs like I heard on n1music site. Keep up the good work, u r awesome!


If I told you that those are the coolest tunes that I've heard on numberonemusic web-site. This leaves me pondering this, why aren't you signed to a major label?? Very pro-sounding. Excellent production and performance. Whole thing sounds killer. Get signed or don't, but keep it together. I really like your approach and style... and I am going to add you to my playlist and check out some more of your stuff. I wish I had more to say or some kind of constructive criticism, but your tracks are ready for the air waves.

Hi sorry it took this long to get back in touch....things are on hold for a short time, i am working on new stuff....Great tracks...I mean it....very very good, i wish you all the best, but i think you will do just fine. Talk soon F A N

Dear Attila Kovacs!

Thank You so much for perfectly brilliant Friendship!!! You really can't imagine what is honor and proud for us, for our radio station, discover Your creation, touch Your splendid work, Your highest culture and mastery!!! I think we are unique here! It is really exclusive, invaluable opportunity for us and for our audience! Thank You once again!

Much friendly love from Siberia

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