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Attila Kovacs -  Festmusiker

Download album cover Playsample    Buy Song Play a 3D Musicvideo based on my song: "Let Love Shine"
I hear a song album cover
1. America  free download
2. I Hear A Song download
3. Risky Business download
4. Lady a La Mode download
5. Return To Paradise download
6. Celebrity Party download
7. Juliette download
8. Christmas Time download
9. I'm Mr. Moon download
10. Winner download
11. Let Me Be Me download
Attila musicvideo
For this musicvideo I have modelled my head in a 3d animation program. The film takes place at my cherished little hometown, Soskut 15 km west from Budapest in Hungary
Attila musicvideo Youtube

"Let Love Shine" at #11 on MyMusicStream charts this year

Listen to my other albums in pop, rock Goal cd   or easy listening, newageHungarian Dawn cd style.